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Nice to meet you!

My name is Andreas Declerck, aka "Featherman"

Guided by the spirit of Freedom, I am surfing the wave that we call life, in search of the essence of it all. Who am I, why am I & with what goal are we here?

At a young age, I started to discover the world on my own (terms). Along the way, I picked up on subtle signs & patterns. However, it wasn't until the deepest depth of my own personal conflict that these patterns merged into wisdom. It was from that moment on that my life changed & I actively started seeking out to grow this new and genuinely real side in my life.

Many of my personal experiences and encounters with fellow travelers, spiritual practitioners, teachers & guru's since have taught me that the answers can be unveiled through the discovery of our universe within and our authentic connection with the world.

It was from that point on that I steered my life into the direction of personal & spiritual development, indulging myself in transformational coaching, body language, intuitive trainings, meditation, breath-work, ice bathing, self-expression, traditional Chinese medicine, shamanism,... . 

My hunger to experience and learn more is far from satisfied. However, I can already look back with glee to see how far I've come and what I have learned so far. And now it is time to bring those learnings to the world!


"Andreas, you are a very sensitive guy. Don't let others get to you".

It's something that my mother kept telling my as I was growing up. Every time upon hearing those words, I cringed. I believe I felt like that, because I was raised in a society that convinced me that boys are strong, boys aren't sensitive and most of all... boys don't cry! Throughout the years, more ideas like this stuck on to me, without me realizing it or even questioning them. And with every idea that stuck, I limited and trapped myself more and stepped further away from the real me.

Finding out about my high sensitivity was the key to start understanding myself,

my initial spiritual awakening.

Why I thrive as an extravert, yet have a strong need to be alone and recharge myself. Why I seemed to have this sixth sense for sensing other people's emotions. Why it drained my energy when I wasn't aware of it. But most of all, it opened up new opportunities, because my high sensitivity actually had many upsides. 

With this discovery came a difficult, but interesting journey in which letting go of control & accepting myself became my primary focus. Through this journey, I (re)discovered my spirituality and went to far lengths to better understand who 'Andreas' is. All my experiences have shown me that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Looking back at my life before my spiritual awakening, I now realize that my high sensitivity had already often served me in the past as a business developer. Driven by my new hunger for truth, I continue to seek out and train myself in diverse spiritual & scientific practices. 

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