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Leadership Coaching

The next generation of super leaders will be defined not by the amount of hard skills they possess, but rather how self-aware and aligned they are with their personal life & goals. Integrating this mindset in your company might be the push to success you are looking for.

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Leadership Coaching is a synergetic collaboration between two people (or more), where coach & leader journey together through a repeated cycle of healing, orienting and strengthening, in order to balance out a lifetime of learning & perfecting hard-skills and learn what it means to become an authentic human being and conscious leader.



Body Language Trainings

Body Language is the most commonly, yet unknowingly used form of communication. In many ways it is our most honest form of self expression that we have. Understanding what you and others are truly saying, takes connections to a deeper level. 

Body Language Trainings

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said! 

Why go for Body Language Training?

​Studies have shown that over 60% of our communication is brought by our non-verbal communication (i.e. body language & tone of voice). Yet, the vast majority of our endeavors in preparing our communication focusses on what we communicate instead of how we communicate.


Improved People Skills

Reading and understanding body language allows you to build deeper and more profound relations with the people around you


Effective Communication

Make your communication more lively & charismatic by improving the physical element

Personal Growth

Recognizing body language and the underlying emotions increases your E.Q., unlocking a deeper understanding of our own emotions


Public Speaking Performances

Feeling confident on stage starts with feeling confident within oneself. Body Language coaching helps you build that strength from within & the training gives you the tools to manifest it to the outside world. 

Team Management Break-throughs 

Managers, trainers & coaches gain deeper insights into the true thoughts & aspirations their employees, trainees and coachees, resulting in transparant joint-efforts

Authentic Company Hires

HR managers can more accurately analyse & screen the personality of potential new employees, lowering employee turn-over and facilitating the creation of an envisioned & authentic company culture

Team Retreats & Experiences

The deepest bonds are forged in joint & new experiences, as it brings the opportunity to start something new together and share how these experiences impact  you. Creating these moments of excitement and reflection empower team connections, like a tribe! 

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Team Retreats
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