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Surround yourself with people who encourage & push you to become your best self all day, every day

Welcome to the Tribe,

a place where free spirited individuals regularly get together to engage in exciting & fun adventures with the intention of consciously growing as individuals and supporting the growth of other tribe members. Does this sound like you? Then join us! 
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We understand that there's something to discover about ourselves in everything we do. That's why we adventure out together to reveal those pieces and make them our own again. 

With every adventure, we push ourselves & support each other in gaining deeper experiences with the intention of surrendering to its wisdom. 

It is a mission aimed at personal growth & loving connections, which is submerged in adventure & fun. 


  • We are a tribe, not connected by blood, but energy

  • We are driven by an individual purpose that is bigger than ourselves

  • We are connected through what makes us vulnerable, for this is where we connect as humans 

  • We look at life through the eyes of compassion. We understand that bad intentions don't exists, but are the result of unconscious areas of the self



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Welcome, fellow adventurer!

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