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Somehow, life has brought you here today. Wonderful!

Whether you are a soul searcher or a sensation seeker, an enlightened spiritualist or ingenious rationalist... if your intention is the grow as a person, you have come to the right place!  

Be Like Water Coaching is about creating a timeless space where,
through adventurous experiences, revitalizing body movements & in-depth life coaching,
you can take a conscious look at your life. Learn to understand your truth and start living it for a healthier physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

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The Most Rewarding Journey
You'll ever Make, is the Journey Within to Awake Your True Potential

The Team


Andreas is an adventurous free spirit with a strong devotion to exploring new ways to stepping into our true authentic strength and re-awaken this quality in others. After finishing University & Business School, he realized early-on that the desk life didn't suit him. As a result, he found his passion for personal development and is now focused on awakening others to a conscious way of living through coaching, training & amazing experiences.

- Life Coach & Intuition Trainer - 



Throughout his life, Stefano has explored new ways to improve our understanding of the body both in terms of physical and nutritional challenges. He realized that the human willingness and capacity to seek out adventures and personal growth can sometimes be limited by physical, mental and spiritual barriers. Today, Stefano seeks to awaken others to the possibilities in life by taking down these physical, mental & spiritual barriers.

- Physical Trainer -

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"From our first online meeting, there was a deep trust. Andreas knew how to express things online, which I had been struggling with for some time, without limiting them. Our introductory conversation immediately instilled confidence, and already after a few intensive conversations, he was able to feel my working points without any problems. I could immediately get to work with the insights he gave me".

Zoë V.D.T. 

Spiritual/Life Coach (BE)

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