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Everyone has their own reasons for considering coaching. Yet, for some, it is sometimes more difficult to translate these reasons into words. Let these 5 coaching topics be a nudge into the right direction to kickstart your sessions and help you on your way.

Conflict is often the beginning of consciousness, as all internal conflicts indicate us that our actions,

our way of being, aren't aligned with our inner self

Everyone experiences moments of internal conflict. For some, it comes in the form of having a "downer day". For others, however, it can manifest in a seemingly never ending struggle, to which no simple answer can be found.

No matter what form your internal conflict takes or how it feels, it is your responsibility and yours alone to bring yourself back to a position of strength, self-love and abundance.

Believe me... Many have been there!

Values are the guidelines in our cognitive reasoning that help us to live, act & handle in line with our core principles and believes 

In the mayhem of our daily lives, we often get bombarded with so much input, that it becomes more and more challenging not to get lost in our own thoughts. 

Just like the seafarers, sailing through heavy waters & who lost their compasses, could always rely on the stars to give a sense of direction at sea, so can we rely on our values.

Distilling your true values in life can be a difficult process. However, it can bring much clarity when having to prioritize actions in your life.


Intuition is the channel through which your subconscious self communicates with your physical (& conscious self), to guide you on your path of fulfillment 

It is often said that you can't trust anyone but yourself. However, even within ourself, we carry 2 voices. A rational voice in our head, reasoning loudly and pragmatically. And a soft, subtle and emotive voice, from your heart/soul. 

It is the latter, called your intuition, that indicates which road really makes you happy, that brings you endless creativity and strongly helps determine your success in the physical world.  Listen to your intuition and find the guidance to your own fulfillment.


Free Expression is a process in which the energy residing within you is embodied &

brought to the outside world

 When is the last time you completely surrendered to the current of energy & emotions that came from within? Completely unaffected from outside influences, such as (projected) opinions of others, social etiquette, & expectations.

For many, this dated back to the time we were children. The process of expression yourself freely is a process of healing and of embracing the opposite side of life. You don't even have to be an artist, in order to express yourself.

Just surrender...

Free Expression

Spirituality is never ending practice of balancing yourself from within, letting go of the elements that aren't you and tune in with nature/your natural self to reach your full potential

Opening up to spirituality in life demands courage, as it often asks you to let got of the things you think you are in order to become what you truly are. Tuning in with nature and higher forces (spirit guides) can be part of that process, but don't necessarily need to be. Recognizing that we are but children on this planet and that life is much more complex & connected than we could ever imagine, is an amazing start. Becoming the architect of your authentic fulfilled life, is the goal. 

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